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 Looking for Foil/Gold/Hot Stamping

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PostSubject: Looking for Foil/Gold/Hot Stamping   Thu Aug 21, 2008 12:15 pm

Good day!

I'm working at a printing shop here in Bulacan and i'm looking for a shop who can do hot/foil/gold printings. I hope you could help me. I have a client who needs his invitations by the 1st week of september, around 150 - 200 pcs. I already have the layout all i need right now is someone who can make the stamping logo required by my client.

I would also like to ask if out there is someone there who could give a training or seminar in
doing this kind of stamping process.

I hope someone can help.

Good day!

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Looking for Foil/Gold/Hot Stamping
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