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PostSubject: INK DENSITIES   Mon Nov 29, 2010 2:51 pm

aSK KO lang po. Anu po ba pinakamaganda ink densities for coated and uncoated paper. Right now, I am using Hostmann Steinberg inks. Please help para maliwanagan laang.

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PostSubject: Re: INK DENSITIES   Mon Nov 29, 2010 9:22 pm

Hi Thomas. Sad to say walang iisang density set na pwedeng gamitin sa lahat ng imprenta. The only way to have an accurate density for 1 set of paper and ink combination is to conduct a press run analysis. You will need a test strip, a calibrated spectrophotometer, and a program to do the color evaluation.

The idea is to look for a particular density range for each of your process color that will give a Delta E (error) of less than 5. Pag ang Delta E kasi ay less than 5, that means halos walang difference ang kulay mo when compared to ISO. Pag ang Delta E naman ay more than 5, kahit ordinaryong tao makikita ang color difference.

Sample 1:

Ink: Aretz (ISO 2846-1)
Paper: 150 gsm Hansol (Hi-Q: Titan)
Machine: Roland 700
Ink Sequence: KCMY

Determine if your paper Delta E is less than 3.

Then do the test and play with the densities per color until you get a Delta E of less than 5. Pag less than 5 kasi, halos pareho ang colors na nai-print mo sa colors ng ISO.

Once you got the Delta E that you want, measure that same patch with your measuring device and document the numbers

This is valid for one ink and paper set only. If you change any of your materials, or even the weight of your paper, you will need a separate density target for the new ink and paper combination.

My thoughts only.

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