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 WORKSHOP on Digital Press

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PostSubject: WORKSHOP on Digital Press   Wed Jul 27, 2011 1:13 pm

I am thinking of a workshop on digital press, that would help others to decide if they can go digital or not. some concerns are, the place, topics to discuss, maybe costings also. and how many would like to attend.

Somebody is thinking of sponsoring the workshop for digital printing. but, he wants to include a topics on how to optimize color on digital press. He invited me for meeting and showed me his new digital press.

His Digital Press is worth more or less 1 million. It has a true dot like the press, screen angles.
It can print in progressive or composite.
It can print up to 200 lines. individual calibration for each media.
Best of all, if you buy 1 set ( 1 SW rip and the digital press), you dont need to buy another RIP because the RIP can drive multiple devices.
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WORKSHOP on Digital Press
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