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 advice on joining orgs...

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PostSubject: advice on joining orgs...   Wed Oct 24, 2007 4:15 pm


do joining orgs contribute to expanding my business in terms of market reach, contacts, knowledge etc.?

I am into screen printing, and thanks for the advices, I have decided to start small, and the flexibility of the process challenges me.

I inquired with SIGAP, and I spoke with someone there and couldn't really explain the benefits of joining them aside from having only 36members, invites from China for expos and memebrship with international counterparts, and not have a single seminar held this year, which I think is not worth 5,000+++ membership fee

What do you sirs think?

Some shed of light will be greatly appreciated. since I am starting really small ( our workshop is at home and had rented a very small markeing office) capital is worth every cent I spend.

Thnak you in advance
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advice on joining orgs...
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