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 inplace color management in a service bureau

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PostSubject: inplace color management in a service bureau   Fri Oct 03, 2014 7:01 pm

We have been outsourcing our plate output and we found out that only few service bureau can handle the pdfx-3.

One is St, Jude and the other is chromstar now quickplate.
We also experienced the plate output is converted to the colour profile embedded in our pdf but the proof is not calibrated and output from a toner base.

Another service bureau, they just converted it to cmyk without knowing their set up which is default SWOP. and they claim their proof is fogra 39.

is there anyone here knows a service bureau that really knows how to handle files correctly from receiving the files up to the rip other than the 2 mentioned?

Who is using the prenict and prinergy or any rip but knows how to handle files correctly.
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inplace color management in a service bureau
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