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 Re Hamada E47 - Mikom PLC programming.

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PostSubject: Re Hamada E47 - Mikom PLC programming.   Sat Jan 10, 2015 4:14 pm

I had a Hamada E47 Offset with a Mikom PLC and a Fuling Inverter. The machine does not run anymore when pressing the run button but when pressing the inch switch, the motor runs and suddenly stop. Air pump motor works also fine. By reprogramming the Inverter from Terminal operation to Keyboard, the main motor runs smoothly, but all switches and sensors of the offset was disabled. This time I can run only the offset in manual mode. This means that main motor works fine and can control by pots. Thinking that there must be problem with the Mikom PLC (Type: MVP40ESO1R, MVP400F.PCB Rev: 2.04) Been replaced already all Reed relays but to no avail. Any idea admin where, who and how to program this PLC? I doubt program installed was corrupted and can't find at their site Your generous ideas and sharing is a big help. Thanks.
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Re Hamada E47 - Mikom PLC programming.
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